Giussani-Testori, The Meaning of Birth, 2021

The Meaning of Birth

Luigi Giussani
Giovanni Testori
Slants Books 2021
Bladzijden: 90

In 1980, two men sit down to record a conversation. They have much in common: both are passionate, articulate thinkers. But their differences are just as striking: Giovanni Testori is a well-known writer-and an openly gay man. Luigi Giussani is a Catholic priest who has attracted so many students with his striking way of re-proposing the Christian message that he’s unwittingly started a movement (which came to be known as Communion and Liberation).

Testori, who has recently returned to the Catholic faith, begins with a provocative suggestion: modern people have lost contact with the existential and religious experience of birth, of an origin in love-the love of one’s parents and the love of God. From here, the dialogue ranges widely, taking on the root causes of modern despair and alienation, the link between suffering and hope, the significance of memory, and what it means to encounter the presence of God in one another.

Profound but accessible, The Meaning of Birth is a resonant and bracing exploration of life’s most fundamental questions.