Giussani, The Psalms

The Psalms

Translated by Father William Vouk III
Luigi GiussaniThe Crossroad Publishing Company - New York 2004
Bladzijden: 192

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We can understand Christian experience only with difficulty if we are unwilling to relive the history of the people of Israel, in all its aspects and in all its drama. Saint Paul asserts that the story of Israel is a pedagogical preparation for Christ. In fact, through the Hebrew people, the divine pedagogy aims to teach man that God is one, that He is creator, and that He realizes His mysterious plan by choosing a point in time, a point in space, and a small group of people. (...)
God has entered the reality of ancient Israel as a companion who determines the meaning of a path that has included both fidelity and betrayal, always showing Himself to be the Lord of history. The sweep of the Psalms tells this history with the evocative power of poetic song.
(Excerpts from the Preface by Luigi Giussani)

[Original title: Che cos'è l'uomo perché te ne curi?]