Giussani, The Work of the Movement

The Work of the Movement.
The Fraternity of Communion and Liberation

Historical note by Giorgio Feliciani. Translated by Susan Scott
Luigi GiussaniCoop. Editoriale Nuovo Mondo - Milano 2005
Bladzijden: 320

I share intensely in the joy of the Fraternity of “Communion and Liberation,” on the twentieth anniversary of its recognition by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as an Association of Faithful of Pontifical Right. As early as 1954, dearest Monsignor Giussani, you initiated in Milan the “Communion and Liberation” Movement, which then spread to other parts of Italy and later also to other countries of the world. The Fraternity is the mature fruit of this Movement. (...)
As I go back in memory over the life and works of the Fraternity and the Movement, the first aspect that strikes me is the commitment you have put into listening to the needs of today's man. (...) The Movement, therefore, has chosen and chooses to indicate not a road, but the road towards a solution to this existential drama. The road, as you have affirmed so many times, is Christ.
(John Paul II’s letter to Fr Giussani, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Communion and Liberation)

[Original title: L'opera del Movimento. La Fraternità di Comunione e Liberazione]